10 Cats In Bow Ties That Will Unleash Your Inner Fashionista

Styled up by the latest fashion, these feline trend-setters sure know how to make a statement. 

There’s no doubt that cats are graceful and elegant beings by nature, and I see no problem with emphasizing their beauty from time to time with a stylish fashion accessory such as a bow tie… (okay, a top hat can do, too). Here’s a little collection of kitties whose portraits caught our eyes and made us say – woah! We hope you’ll like it.

1. This pawsitively photogenic gentleman

handsome silver meow

Credit: @ilovesilvermeow

2. So purrty in black and white kitty


Credit: reffit.com

3. This regal looking kitty with a lovely red and white striped bow tie


Credit: imgur.com

4. Then there’s this handsome charmer


Credit: @blue_beagle_b

5. Business cat living it up with a splash of purple

purple bow tie

Credit: @devokit

6. Elegant Abyssinian rocking a polka dot bow tie


Credit: @adamfintech

7.This tiny dream come true kitten.

tiny kitty in a bow tie

Credit: @swimmer1799

8. Those gorgeous eyes are Purrfectly matched with the floral print


Credit: pinterest.com

9. So much color, so much cuteness in one photo


Credit: pinterest.com

10. Finally, there’s this fluffy kitten with the cutest little hand-made bow tie


Credit: sopurrfect.com

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