10-Year-Old Boy Tries To Rescue His Kitten From A Tree

This is a story of brave 10-year-old boy who tried to climb 18 feet up a tree to save his precious kitten.

Many of us have been in a sticky situation when our beloved pets got stuck up a tree. What do we do then? Well, yes, we call the fire department, and those brave men swiftly come to the rescue. But, when this little boy’s kitten got stuck, he decided to take the matter into his own hands.

When ten-year-old Aashir Alauddin from Hackensack, New Jersey, woke up the morning of July 7, and couldn’t find his cat, he worried a lot. His 2-month-old kitten, Ally, was nowhere to be found inside the home.

Pretty soon, the boy discovered that the kitty went up the tree, and wasn’t coming down. He ran outside to help her, and even heavy rainfall didn’t stop him.

He climbed up 18 feet and managed to reach the kitty, but when he looked down… He realized that he needed help.

Of course, the boy’s mom knew exactly what to do. She called the Fire Department. After 20 minutes, they came to the rescue. Eventually, both Aashir and the kitty reached the ground safely.

“Usually it’s a cat up the tree,” Deputy Chief John Ingallinera said. “This time it was a child chasing the cat up a tree? Very unusual. We rarely get a call like this.”

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