Adorable Cat Tries To Wake Up Sleepy Dog In The Most Gentle Way Possible

I love it when cats and dogs get along!

Let me introduce you to a sleepy bully and his cat pal. These two are absolutely adorable. They share the bed quite often, and are in fact the best of friends. Both of them made such a huge impression on me. I am totally smitten by the kitty and her gentle ways, as if she’s trying to help the pooch fall asleep, when in fact all she wants is quite the opposite – to wake him up.

What I also love about this video is that it actually shows another side of cats, which people fail to notice quite often. Felines can be very affectionate pets, even to their four-legged arch-enemies (so to say).

Now, feel free to sit back, turn the volume up (the music purrfect) and watch the entire video to see whether the kitty will join the sleepy dog.

This is the most soothing video you will see all day