Adorable Kitten Falls Asleep Next To Mama, But Pay Attention To His Feetsies

For kittens this tiny, their mom is everything. She feeds them, protects them, bathes them, comforts them, showers them with love and kisses… Their mother is the only world they know… and it’s safe, soft and a loving one, as long as there is enough milk to go around… 😉

After having a hearty meal, this little sweetheart fell asleep by his mother’s side, and that exactly is what we call the sleep of the innocent.

Just watch the little one blissfully sleeping, and wait for the tiny twitches, as they will melt your heart. In fact, this tiny fur ball loves to dance in his sleep so much, that his human parents decided to name him Chessie Tango, best known as Twitch. Enjoy! 🙂

Oh my dear God! Isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Looking for more kitten awesomeness. We represent the one and only – kitten in a cup. You are so going to fall in love with this little guy!