Adorable pups and kittens show their love for each other

These babies are so cute, I wish I could pick them up out of the screen and hold them close 🙂

If you are in the mood to have your heart melted, and why the heck not – it’s a cruel world out there, this is just the purrfect video. Is there anything more adorable than babies? How about animal babies? How about pups and kittens? Yes… This is one of those videos. 🙂

So, a bunch of adorable fluffy nuggets are here to take the blues away. Just take a look at these babies and see how much love and affection they have for each other… Precious cuties!

Awwww! That was adorable!

Need more fluffy cuteness? These tiny babies will melt your heart.

What can I say, here at pawstories, we just can’t get enough of cats!