Adorable Stray Kitten Decides To Tag Along With Man And His Dog, Then Finds Forever Home

The most unusual things can happen when you take your dog for a walk. Sometimes you can meet an adorable ginger kitten. Sometimes, the kitten is so cute, that you and your dog fall in love the moment you see it. Sometimes, you call your spouse to ask what to do with the kitten, and they say – bring the baby home. Yep, you never know…

Neither did Jon Nienaber when he was walking along the neighborhood and stumbled upon this cutie.

It seemed that kitten just wanted attention.

But, that was not all the fur ball was after. He started following the pair right down till the end of the street.

Obviously, the little one was determined to stay with them. So they took him home.


One whole year went by since the encounter and the tiny ginger floof has grown into a magnificent fur baby.

Once a ginger boy is a big kitty now, living the life safe from the streets. However, he still loves to hide around the corners, waiting to pounce.