Animal Shelter’s Low-Budget Cat Commercial Is A Masterpiece You Will LOVE

This hilarious cat commercial is absolutely purr-fect.

Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters is an animal rescue organization and group of no-kill shelters headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The video named “Kitty Commercial” features native Atlantan Paul Preston trying to get cats adopted like a used car salesman. And boy that is hilarious.

Let’s see, we have self-cleaning cats, hungry cats, sleepy cats, big cats. Accordingly, there are all kind of kitties at the shelter. Just name it, they have it.

Finally, the entire video was completely improvised and shot in about 30 minutes. The commercial is also a proof you don’t need a high-budget to create a masterpiece. Now, just watch it, you will love it!

Watch this hilarious Cat Commercial

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