Baby is Abandoned and Left to Freeze to Death – but Now Watch What This Cat Does

This is Masha, and she is a hero.

Masha is a stray cat, who is very well cared for by the people who live in the neighborhood, especially by 68-year-old Irna Lavora. She watches over her, letting this kitty stay at her house when it’s too cold outside and gives her food.

One day, while she was throwing out garbage, she heard a strange noise. At first Irna though it sounded like a cat meowing and immediately thought that was Masha. When she went down she saw something heartbreaking.

There really was her beloved cat, but next to her was a baby no older than 12-weeks, left in a cardboard box on the floor. Masha was protecting the abandoned boy and keeping him warm. Even though he was alone for several hours, he was nice and cozy all thanks to this amazing cat.

Irna called the paramedics who took the boy to a hospital. Masha was still worried about the baby so she continued to meow and even chased the ambulance after they had taken off. She stood there for hours anxiously looking in the direction that they went.

The little boy recovered completely and now owes his life to one incredible cat.

Real life creates the best narratives and I wish whoever ends up adopting the baby would adopt Masha as well.