Blind Cat Meets A Kitten In Foster Home, Then The Kitten Shakes His World

Meet Pinocchio, a rescue cat who was found all alone at the airport. The poor kitty had eyes in such a bad condition that they had to be removed. Blind and in a foster home, he met Jiminy Cricket, a kitten who decided not to leave his side.

One thing quickly led to another, and the two became the best of friends. With Jimini’s help, Pinocchio learned to play, jump, romp and stalk as well as his little sibling. One could never tell that he’s completely blind.

Furthermore, this story of friendship gets even better. Pinocchio and Jiminy were adopted together! So these two BFFs will be living a long and happy life together.

Watch the video of this beautiful friendship here:

Don’t you just love such heartwarming stories?

Isn’t it amazing what kittens can do for adult cats! This little fellow helped his “big brother” deal with loss, and this one just keeps on getting on his brother’s nerves! LOL!

You know what say, cats flourish most when adopted in pairs. 🙂