Busker Meets A Stray Cat On His Doorstep, But Never Expected This To Happen

This is a story of hope, the one that shows that life can change for the better when you least expect it.

Busker and recovering drug addict ran into a stray ginger cat outside his apartment. When he tried to shoo the cat away, the kitty chose to stay close to him. So close that it actually moved in with the man.

With a cute ginger (kitty) by his side, things were starting to look up for the musician. People were throwing money in his guitar case a lot more. He actually stopped busking and signed a book deal to write about the story of him and the cat, which instantly became a bestseller.

This is their story:

Bob (the cat) now has more than 500,000 followers on Facebook. He has sold more than five million books worldwide, in 45 languages.