Cat Agility At Its Finest: Two Beautiful Floofs Demonstrate What Cats Are Made Of

Awesome tricks ahead!

Meet Cashmere and Puffy, two gorgeous and very talented kitties. These two are in great shape which makes them able to perform some of the most amazing agility stunts. With every new session, the bar is set higher. Whether it is jumping over tall walls or poles, they manage to elegantly hop hop over, without knocking anything off. Quite impressive performance by this lovely duo.

This is one of the best cat agility video that I’ve ever seen. What I really like about it is that is shows the connection the cats have with their enthusiastic human. Also, in addition to creating a special bond, cats also get the exercise they need. Having a good time while at it, also adds to the general impression. And that is – Well done, you guys!

The Best of Cat Agility

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