Their Cat Was Playing With A Toy Mouse, Then She Did The Funniest Thing! Just Watch!

Cats do the craziest things and we love them for it.

I personally have a soft spot for crazy ninja kittens, with poofed up tails and arched backs, when they start doing the crab walk.

Another thing that always makes me laugh is kitty clumsiness. Yes, generally cats are graceful, elegant, stealthy… It’s just that sometimes, they overestimate themselves and that is just so cute to watch.

So is this kitty named Brownie. He is hanging out with his buddy, casually playing with a toy mouse when all of a sudden he does this silly little thing that made me laugh out loud! Just watch what he does at 0.06. Oh, and no worries, you get to watch a slow-motion replay as well! Hilarious!

LOL, that was sooo funny.

Want to see more hilarious cats? Check out this little rascal here. I just wander how they come up with such ridiculous ideas! 🙂