It May Be Hard To Believe, But Cats Actually Do So Much Work Around The House

Life would be so much harder if we didn’t have a pair of helping paws!

Science says that cats spend about 16 hours a day sleeping. But, has it occurred to you that they spend the remaining 8 hours mostly being at your service? It just depends on the way you look at it.

The next video will bring a thorough insight into all the things that kitty cats do, but we take them for granted. For example, you think that your feline is just laying around on the bed, when in fact it is keeping the mattress warm for you… Yoga will never be done right, unless you have a four-legged assistant to help you out with stretches and positions. Work from home would not be the same if you didn’t have a furry supurrvisor by your side. And so much more…

Watch Cats at Work

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