This Chubby Cat Dad Kept Eating More Than His Share

This is Meatball, a chubby kitty who has become a parent recently.

What is so peculiar about him is that, unlike most dads in the world, this one thinks he’s entitled to the food even in his kids’ plates. And that’s no good for two reasons. First of all, the little ones are perpetually hungry, and second – dad’s waistline keeps getting bigger and bigger.

So, when his owners caught Meatball nomming up more than before, getting fat, and taking away from his children, there was nothing left to do but to take the matter into their own hands. This is what they came up with!

The idea was to separate the cats during meals. So each one has their own seat at the food court.

See how it works for this sweet kitty family in the video…

Photo credit: Facebook and Instagram