Couple Rescues 4 Adorable Kittens Abandoned In The Middle Of The Woods

It was supposed to be just an ordinary walk in the woods for this couple when they stumbled upon four abandoned kittens roaming around in the middle of the forest.

What surprised them the most about this accidental encounter is that the kittens were not feral at all. In fact, when they came up right to the couple asking for cuddles, it’ became obvious they were not born in the woods. Unfortunately, someone left them there.

The couple decided to take the babies in and make sure they get all the TLC they deserve. The little rascals thanked them with an unlimited amount of cuteness!

Thank you guys for saving this precious bundle.

Isn’t it amazing how some people would do everything to help the poor defenseless creatures? Here is a video experiment you might like. They left a box with a kitten on the curb, and this is how people reacted.

Thank you.