This Cute Cat Is Ready To Eat, But Wait Till You See How He Asks For Food

Cats have many ways of letting us know about their needs, and one need in particular. Food. That sound they make when they are hungry actually compares to nothing. It pierces through the air right to our ears, and we do what we have to do to make it stop, and keep our kitties happy. However, this kitty in the video does something extraordinary when he wants his bowl to be filled.

This is Marty, a cat with a special talent. Every time he wants to eat, he performs this awesome trick. His humans say it’s impossible to resist, and I couldn’t agree more.

Watch what he does, you won’t believe what you’re seeing! 🙂

Smart kitty!

People tend to believe that cats are simply untrainable. But, we have a couple more videos that show how smart kitties can be when they are motivated.

Check out this cutie who put her paws to good use as well.