Cute Kitten Plays Dead After Fighting With Her Sister… Little Genius!

And the Oscar for the best actor goes to… This adorable kitten!

It must have been a long day of play when this little kitty decided to take a break in the most amazing way. There is no doubt that a bright future in acting business may be in store for this precious ball of fur as she played her part flawlessly.

Her outstanding performance performance peaks at 0.30. Just watch and see for yourself 🙂

This fluffy kitten plays dead in the awesome video

So, apparently rough housing is not her thing, hopefully her sis will just grow out of that phase.. 🙂

In case you can relate to a story wtih dificult siblings, here is another one. These kittens were hoping their lives were just getting better after the adoption, but then they got a trouble making sister. Her name is Valentina, and she is a cutie, of course.

Enjoy the video!