Cuteness Overload: The Great Escape of Teacup Kittens

Here is a little something to help you unwind! 🙂

In every kitten’s life there comes the time to explore the world outside of the box. This adorable little expedition is about to set off into an unknown territory. Just like fledglings taking their first leap out of the nest, these tiny babies have a challenging task ahead of them. Going down the cardboard slide is not as easy as it may seem.

What I love the most about this video is that each of the ginger fur balls has a personality of their own. Some are daring and ready to make new discoveries, others would prefer to stay in the box. One way or the other, they are oh so cute, I can’t stop watching them 🙂

Nothing like a box of kittens to brighten up your day.

Watch the little floofs break free