How Dogs React To Finding Cats Sleeping In Their Beds Will Leave You In Stitches

If there’s ever a fight for dominance between cats and dogs, dogs wouldn’t stand a chance.

Simply, it all comes down to attitude, and cats have plenty of it. Yes, dogs are bigger and heavier than cats, and they sure can bite real hard. But, that means almost nothing because when they stand before a feline, they act like puppies.

And we know too well how it is with kitties. When they want something, they claim it, be it humans, food, and yes… dog beds.

Now watch as felines demonstrate power and how dogs, bless their hearts, react to it.

Wow, this one always makes me laugh.

There is also another video that I love, with the same topic. You have to watch the VIDEO, that cat’s got cattitude!

Thank you for watching!