Watching These Little Rascals Play-fight In Slow Motion Will Put A HUGE Smile On Your Face

These two fluff balls are not to be messed with! 🙂

Felix and Koiko, the rescue kittens that have already captured the hearts of so many cat admirers, are here to show us the real joy of kittenhood. For this dynamic duo, play time is so much more than jumping and thumping. It’s a chance to sharpen those feline skills, arouse their instincts, test the limits and learn to play rough. As rough and tough as a kitty can be! 🙂

Now, get ready have your heart melted with a huge amount of cuteness, sass and toe beans.

Nothing beats watching the little feisty warriors at play in slow motion. Enjoy!

Omg, they are so young, yet so feisty!

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