Felicity Was Rescued From A Backyard Breeder, But Now She Knows Only Love

Felicity is a beautiful Bengal feline with enormous personality and perhaps the best cat momma ever… Thank you so much for saving her!

This poor kitty was rescued from a backyard breeder (also called a kitten mill), where she had only one job. Deliver as many kittens as possible as quickly as possible. She never knew that humans could be caring.

When they rescued her, Felicity was in horrible condition. She had fleas, ear mites, tapeworms, upper respiratory infection and a uterine infection that posed a serious threat to her kittens. But that was the last time she gave birth.

WARNING – this video contains scenes of cat giving birth

Please remember Felicity’s story when you see a cute “purebred” or “exotic” kitten in a pet store or for sale online.