Feral Cat Mom Accepts Help From Humans To Save Her Kittens

A mother cat will do anything for her children. Even if it implies interacting with humans!

If you had experience with feral cats, you know how it is with them. They will eat the food you leave, but petting and cuddles are out of the question. Though there may be some exceptions, generally, feral felines are not to keen on human companionship. Until the going gets tough, and a litter of kittens depends on them. That’s when everything changes.

For over a year, Katie Lanza and her neighbors have been feeding a feral kitty who chose to live around their homes. When the cold weather and blizzards came, they feared for the cat’s safety. They didn’t see her a few days and began a search to find her.

It took them five days to finally find the kitty. She was trapped under a neighbor’s porch, and her belly was quite a lot bigger than the last time they saw her. Obviously, she was pregnant.

Katie decided that this feral cat mom-to-be needs to be pampered and safe from the severe cold. All she could do for her is to show her unlimited love and attention. Days and weeks went by until one night the cat walked into Katie’s kitchen. Two weeks later, the babies were born.

Watch this amazing video of a tamed feral cat mom with her adorable babies