Cat Family Rescued In The Nick Of Time After Mom Gives Birth Up Tree And Kittens Fall From Branches

It’s a common thing for cat moms to look for a safe and secluded place when the time comes to deliver the babies. For house cats, it is usually a nice comfy spot in the closet, but feral kitties are not so lucky.

This sweet cat mom decided that the safest place for her and her babies would be up in the branches. Having her kittens’ best interest in mind, she welcomed the little ones up in the tree top. However, it turned out it hadn’t been the best of choice.

Three of the four babies had fallen from the tree. The babies were only a couple of days old, still had their eyes shut. One of them was still attached to the placenta, and was found hanging from a branch.

The RSPCA rescued the babies first, then they caught mom who was quiet nervous. Unfortunately, one of the kittens died over night.

Mom and three other kittens are doing well now. The charity has put up posters in the local area in the hope of finding the owner.However if no-one comes forward then feral cat nicknamed Twiggy, and her kittens Willow, Ash and Oakley, will need to be rehomed once they are weaned and old enough.

Until then they will be cared for by the RSPCA.