Fluffy Siberian Kitten Won’t Let Go Of His Favorite Toy! Hear Him Growl!

At six weeks old Jonty is an adorable Siberian kitten who just got a new toy. He already loves it so much he refuses to let it go! All fluffed up, he starts to growl and that is the cutest thing ever!

Apparently, the other kittens are very impressed by his performance! Just look at those sweet little faces! I want to hug and kiss them all!

Now get ready to watch this short video, and don’t forget to turn the volume up for this one, because this cute kitty is, in fact, a feisty little tiger!

Omg, I just love a kitten with character!

If you have a soft spot cute feisty kittens, here is another cutie who won’t share his favorite toy! 😀

Thank you!