She found a lost kitty meowing for attention

Thank god this story has a happy ending, but it really sadeness me to think that people can be so heartless. Fortunately, a kind stranger came to the rescue.

“This gorgeous kitty was dropped off in front of the house across from mine. She walked up to our front door and meowed until she got some attention,” shared on reddit.

This is Taffy.

“We asked around first before we took her in. The lady that lives across from us said she saw a silver car drop her off and drive off.” .

It’s really hard to believe that anyone could do such a thing, so Lina decided to try and find her owners. Unfortunately, this is what happened.

“I tracked down her original owners through the vet but they hanged up and refused to answer the phone again when their cat was mentioned. We received her transfer ownership paperworks today.”

Thank you Lina for welcoming this sweet kitty into your home. She didn’t deserve to be dumped like that. No one does.