Man Found This Tiny Kitty While Working On A Car. Immediately He Knew They Would Be Together Forever

Her name is Moogy and she is adorable!

This sweet cutie, a full tortoise shell, was found inside of in the front bumper of a car. Her rescuer ripped that thing apart to make sure no other kittens were in there. Further more, he retraced the path he took to drive it into the shop. There was no sign of mama or any other kittens.

“When I found her she still had her umbilical cord and eyes were still closed. I immediately took her to a vet and gained as much kitten care knowledge as I could possibly find. At the moment, I give her 24/7 care. She goes to work with me she goes home with me. In fact, I could write up my exact care schedule for her but it would be a book.”, her rescuer wrote on reddit.

Though Moogy is very young, a little bit more than two weeks old, and looks like she needs her human, the fact is, her human needs her. I couldn’t be happier these two have found each other.

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