Funny Things Happen When You Have a Kitten and Two Mirrors In The Same Room!

There are so many things going on in the kitten world, no wonder the precious babies need tons of sleep. Curious furry investigators hardly ever stop discovering the world around them, and boy oh boy that is over the top adorable.

Just take a look at this precious baby, a 12 week old Scottish Fold. He’s turned the bed into a private cat playground. He jumps, hops and stomps, completely super excited, but all of a sudden he notices he’s not alone. There are two mirrors in one bedroom… which equals… how many kittens exactly? It doesn’t really matter, since it’s only fun moments that count!

Just watch this cute kitten have a good time!

That kitten is definitely a laugh out loud material!

If you’d like to watch more hilarious kittens, check out this one. I am sure he will take the blues away with it’s silly antics. 🙂