They Put Ham Next To This Sleepy Kitty. Now Watch Her Reaction When She Wakes Up. Hilarious!

The best alarm clock ever!

The most important thing about this stunt, is to be camera ready. All you have to do is grab a slice of ham and put it next to your sleeping kitty. After a few seconds, the magic will happen. Honestly, a couple of slices of tasty ham make much better alarm clocks than annoying smart phones 😉 (to which, btw, my cats react).

Viivi the cat is 9 years old and was taken from an animal shelter. She’s almost deaf, loves ham (but it’s too salty, so she doesn’t get too much of it), chattering at crows and sleeping in her carrier box. Also, she loves making funny faces when woken up next to ham… 🙂

Watch her reaction.

Mmmm, what’ that smell?

Wow, that was so cute and funny. I need to try this experiment with my hungry-all-the-time fur balls. I just don’t know what it is, but my cats seem to only think about food, and they are quite vocal about it.

Who said living with cats was easy, eh? 🙂