Adorable Tuxedo Kitten Surrenders To Love, And It’s Too Cute

Belly rubs are the best and this kitty knows it.

When you gain a kitten’s trust, you’ve actually gained a tone of cuteness and eternal love. All of that shows when they expose their bellies to their humans. Having a soft spot for everything cat, cat lovers just can’t resist and indulge themselves in such a pleasurable act that goes both ways.

In this video you will see Roodi the kitten enjoying some quality time with his mom and sister Cupcake. Mummy gives the best total body massages, but it’s belly rubs that are her specialty!

Take a moment to relax and watch this lovable tuxedo kitten

That was so relaxing to watch!

Do you have a soft spot for tuxedo cats? If you do, here a little treat for you. This one one will surely take you down with cuteness.