Her Kitten Was Badly Injured, But This Cat Mom Knew What She Had To Do!

It took quite a lot of persuasion for this feral mom to convince her rescuer to let her back out so she could lead her to her babies.

When a Canadian woman saw this kitty and her two kittens emerging from a garage, she decided to take the sweet little family in. But the cat mom was not at ease, and she was begging the kind lady to let her out. The moment she opened the door, the kitty stormed right back into the garage. She came back with one of her kittens, and then went back once again, and again. She brought out five more kittens one at a time!

The lady decided to call VOKRA for help and they discovered that one of the babies couldn’t walk properly.

Unfortunatelly, one kitten has a damaged back leg and his foot is massing. The wound has been there for a while and it is infected. On the bright side, the kitten should be able to fully recover.

In order to heal, this kitten’s leg needs to be dipped in a special liquid.

The sweet kitten is feeling so much better already!

This is him in the video, purrfecting the skill of walking with three legs. He’s a little fighter! 🙂