This Kitty Had A Leg Cast When He Was A Kitten. Now He Sits Like This. OMG!

When this cute kitty named Tertius was a kitten, he wore a straight cast, so he just got used to leaving his leg in that sort of position. It’s like he doesn’t seem to know that his leg can bend when he sits.

“Tertius can run and walk normally like a normal cat can, but he always keeps his leg completely straight when he sits.”, his mom explained on Reddit, and added “He actually lost his ability to jump high. He can get on our bed fine, but if he wants to get on our desk to be close to us we have to lift him up”.

Though he looks like he still holds a grudge, his human explains that it’s all bygones.

“I can assure you that he’s a very happy cat. He’s giving me the sexy eyes in this picture because I took it right after I gave him a good petting session” 🙂

And this is him in posing for another photo. Isn’t he adorable? 🙂 🙂