Watching This Cute Kitten Play Is A Remedy To The Soul

What a feisty little baby!

Every kitten has a mischievous side, and we can’t help but love them for it. Yes, feline babies are cute and sweet, but what makes them ultimately great and lovable is their natural inclination to… making things more interesting, by adding a pinch of special kitty spice.

This little kitty named Osamu is a playful little fur baby, who just can’t get enough of hiding under the blanket, jumping out, chasing, storming… He has two adult cats playing with him, but you know how it is with adults. They tend to say enough just a little bit too soon. And then the worst part comes – the bath time. I guess that’s all the same for kids all around the world…

This Little Ball Of Fur Knows How to Have a Good Time