Mommy Caught Them Napping Together. What Happens Next Made Her Run For A Camera…

It’s a story of friendship.

Babies are the best thing this planet has to offer. The innocent little angels bring out the best in us, and further more, friendships between kids and animals restore our belief that this world is meant to be a so much happier and safer place.

Just take a look at these two. There’s nothing sweeter than seeing a little baby become friends with their pet. I am pawsitive that this friendship will last forever. Let us not forget that all kids have an inherent respect for all living things, and we need to nurture that respect. So did the mommy who filmed this video.

Baby and kitten napping together

Aww, can you believe how sweet this was?

If you you need more sugar in your life, check out this baby sharing his dinner with his cat. Apparently he knows that sharing is caring! Good job, mom! 🙂

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