No One Wanted To Adopt This 14-Year-Old Kitty, Then A Family Took A Chance On Her

Senior kitties deserve a loving home.

It must have been real tough for a 10 year-old cat named Chloe to be left at a shelter. The staff were worried she would never find a forever home, as people willing to adopt usually look for kittens. But, with a little luck, Chloe’s fortune took a turn for the better.

During a live Instagram session, the Nevada SPCA was highlighting all the cats available for adoption, and someone asked how long the longest resident has been there for. Chloe had been there the longest, so they put her on camera, and shared a few photos. When a family from California saw the photos, they were smitten in a heartbeat. They drove to Nevada and took her home.

EXCITING NEWS! Are you sitting down for this one??? Last week I visited Nevada SPCA. While I was there I did an Instagram LIVE video and we met their longest cat resident, 14 year-old Chloe who has been at the shelter waiting to be adopted for THREE YEARS! I posted photos of her in my Instagram Stories hoping someone would adopt her. Well…one of our amazing Instagram followers saw the photos and drove 8 hours round trip from California to Las Vegas today to adopt her! She's seriously my hero. Chloe is headed to her forever home now and will have a feline sister. You can follow Chloe with her new family @sallycatchloegrumps – I also asked her new family to create an Amazon wishlist so that anyone wanting to send Chloe a "welcome home" present can. The link is in the bio of her new account. Congratulations sweet Chloe and THANK YOU to her new family for opening their home and heart and taking in a senior kitty. #adopted #adoptdontshop #seniorcat #NevadaSPCA

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It took Chloe a few weeks to completely adjust to her new surroundings. Now she is a happy kitty who loves to purr and asks for attention.

“She gives instant purrs for anyone, comes over when called, runs over to be with you every chance she gets”, Chloe’s mom wrote on Instagram.

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