Owner Films The Moment Her 6-Week-Old Foster Puppies Meet Her Very Patient Cat

Bringing a new animal to your home is a major event for the entire family, especially if you have a resident cat. Kitties can be quite unpredictable, and let’s say, by the book, they don’t get along with dogs too well. But, if you’re lucky, you can expect this sort of encounter.

When the owner brought home a couple of 6-weeks-old puppies, adorably named Storm and Shadow, they stormed in to meet their new family member – a cat called Finn. It would be common to think that there would be some animosity between the memebers of this cat – puppy gang, but somehow Finn accepted his role of an older brother right from the start. He was so patient while the pups were trying to play with him and to kiss and cuddle with him. I just can’t believe how awesome this kitty is. Animals are truly amazing!