These Precious Sleepy Kittens Are Guaranteed To Make Your Day Better

Sweet, sweet babies.

Let’s face it! Being a kitten is tough. So many hours need to be slept through, so many things need to be learned.

These little angels are super tiny, about two to three weeks old. When they are not sleeping, they are usually nursing. Just like all babies in this world, they are amazingly adorable.

Now, sit back and enjoy this video of precious kittens trying to stay awake.

Cuteness Overload Ahead – Tiny Sleepy Kittens

Awwww, this video is so cute, I have goosebumbs all over my body!

If you liked these cuties, perhaps you will fall in love with this tiny kitten sleeping in a cup! It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen before! 🙂

Thank you!