Young Cat Mom Can’t Stop Cuddling Her Tiniest Kitten

This is a story about Summer the calico cat. She was rescued from a feral cat colony when she was eight months old and pregnant. At fist she was a little shy but got used to humans shortly. Everything was going well for the kitty, but then it was time to deliver the kittens. Being so young, she had a lot of complication and needed a C-section to give birth.

Summer welcomed three tiny kittens into the world and Splash was the smallest and weakest of them. The loving cat momma snuggled and protected her little miracles, but she took extra special care of her little runt, making sure the kitten was a survivor.

Watch this amazing story of tenacity and motherhood here:

Wondering if they found forever home? Yes they did. They were adopted together and their bond is stronger than ever.

There is so much love in this video, I just had to share.