Puppy Tries To Reclaim His Bed, But The Cat… OMG!

This is the most adorable thing you’ll see today.

Here comes the cutest french bulldog puppy at his super adorable attempt to reclaim his bed. Pixel is only 10 months old and he’s desperately trying to convince the cat to move away. The only problem is, the kitty is completely unimpressed by everything he’s doing. Furthermore, being the number one pet in the family comes with a higher rank, and a kitty specific indifference to new comers. In the cat world, there’s no greater felony than invading their personal space. By the term “personal space” they mean every inch of the home, certainly not human’s chair or face… 🙂

Get ready to enjoy the overwhelming portion of coolness delivered by the cat in the video! Just watch how he’s not even acknowledging the little menace.

Watch this hilarious video

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