Quadriplegic Rescued Kitten Returns To Walk After 5 Years

This is a story of courage and faith and it’s the proof that love can work wonders. When someone believes in you, you have the wind at your back to do anything and overcome whatever gets in your way.

A little black kitten was found by a lady named Bobbi, abandoned and curled up. When the lady approached him, she realized that he couldn’t move his legs. But, when the kitty turned his head, it was a sign to Bobbi that there was hope, the little one might get better.

Chances were slim but she was sure that Lincoln, or Linkie as she called him, would be a healthy cat some day. When Linkie showed he could sense something in his toes, Bobbi said: “In that moment I saw a fight, a spirit and a determination in him that I would never forget“.

Watch the video to see Linkie’s battle and victory!