Rescue Dog Helps Feed 30 Stray Cats On Her Daily Walks Around The Neighborhood

Good girl!

Her name is Meli and she lives in Athens, Greece. She loves to take long walks with her humans. Along the way they’d encounter some cats, so one day they decided to bring some food along to feed them. After a while, the cats started to recognize them, and would approach Meli wehenever they’d see her, expecting a good bite. Aren’t they smart kitties? 🙂

Meanwhile, Meli and her owners started taking their rounds more seriously. They neutered 99 percent of the cats in the neighborhood, and they also care for their health. Ultimately, this lead to the formation of SCARS, a Greek charity involved in cat rescue! How wonderful.

Watch the full story here – Rescue Dog Helps Feed 30 Stray Cats

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