Rescue Piglet And Kitten Meet For The First Time. Their Reaction? TOO Precious To Be Missed!

These two babies are super adorable!

The story of Laura the piggy is now a happy one, but it could have been a really sad one. Her life changed for the better when a group of activists rescued her from an industrial pig farm and saved this sweet baby from being slaughtered. It really brings tears to my eyes just to think that she could have easily ended up on someone’s plate.

However, she found a new home filled with love, that is not coming only from her humans, but from a special little someone as well. Her new best friend, an adorable ball of fluff, helped her adjust to a life in family, which Laura really seems to really enjoy. It is obvious that long cuddling session add up to the whole I-am-a-pet-now experience. Trust me, it doesn’t get any cuter than this! 🙂

This video of kitten and piglet is guaranteed to make you feel better

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