Rescuer Cuts Through Concrete To Save The Cutest Little Kitten

Meet Gavin, a tiny kitten who was trapped inside the walls in a Phoenix home. He was meowing from the attic, but locating the poor kitten was not an easy task. Neither was the rescue.


The man who went to great lengths to save the kitten’s life is Andy Gallo, an Emergency Animal Medical Technician from the Arizona Humane Society In order to rescue him, he had to not only cut through dry wall but also cut through concrete.

“I knew I had to do whatever it took to save the kitten’s life”, Gallo told PeoplePets.


When Gallo finally reached the kitten, it looked like a dusty little ball of fur.


Gavin is now safe, but too young to be given up for an adoption. He is about three weeks old and bottle fed every 2-3 hours.

Find out more about the rescue an Instagram.