Sammy The Paralyzed Cat Is An Inspiration To Live Life To The Fullest

He is such a trooper!

The kitty on the right is Sammy. He was paralyzed in an accident and this is how he sits now.

paralyzed kitty

There’s so much we can learn about life from animals. Somehow, they manage to find a way to go on with their lives in spite of their physical obstacles. “After the accident it was remarkable how Sammy just ‘got on with it’. He’s not out of the woods yet, but hopefully a surgery will soon fix that…”, wrote Sammy’s human on reddit, and added: “He is quite a sight, especially when he’s on the move. A very happy cat, especially having gone through what he did.”

Here is Sammy cleaning his reluctant brother


Unfortunately since the accident Sammy’s had numerous complications, both gastrointenstinal and urinary. He’ll need surgery soon which we hope will help. That is why he has to wear a diaper a lot.

His humans are trying to raise money for him at the moment, so hopefully he’ll be better soon. We also wish the best of luck to Sammy with his recovery.