This Sleepy Kitten Is So Flippin Adorable, You’ll Want To Hold Him Forever!

This has got to be one of the cutest videos on the internet.

I remember the time when my daughter got her first kittens. She was about four years old, and so delighted about her newest pets (we already had a dog at the time), she just had to ask – Mom, can I hold the kittens? I said – Yes, of course. And then it occurred to me. Feline babies are so small, that even little girls can carry them around with ease.

When it comes to grown ups, those tiny babies can actually fit in the palms of our hands, just like this precious kitten in the video. His name is Bobo, and he is having the wildest dream while his daddy is holding him. Just watch the video, the cuteness is almost too much to bear! 🙂