This Somersaulting Cat Has Skills of a Champion, Tumbling His Way Straight into Our Hearts

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but obviously kitties can learn everything…

We’ve all seen cats doing somersaults spontaneously in play. Being so athletic, such acrobatic movements come naturally to them. But, when a cat figures out those can be done intentionally, then the full blown party starts!

Meet the Somersault Cat! He comes from the Netherlands, and according to his human, whenever he gets in the wild and crazy mode, this is his favorite thing to do. It helps him burn off all the excess energy, and puts a smile on viewers faces. Hope you’ll enjoy!

Watch this super funny video here

Oh, boy, my head spinning!

I only wish there was a way to teach my two furry rascals how to do this stunt. They sure could use burning the excess energy off.

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