He Spent Hours Installing A Special Door For His Cat, But The Cat Does THIS Instead

His feline majesty Philo had other plans.

You know how it is with cats. They are the best pets you can have, and at the same probably the worst for the very same reason. You never know how they will react. On minute they love you and enjoy affection, the next minute they are blood thirsty monsters who want to shred your arm into strips.

Philo, a long haired Siamese, is just the proof that cats have a mind of their own, even when you think that you have their best interest on your mind. His human spent hours installing a special door for him so that he could come and go as he pleases. But the kitty in the video had another idea.

This is so funny, I just couldn’t stop laughing. Enjoy! 🙂

Just a cat being a cat.

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