Squirrel Starts Annoying This Grumpy Cat, But Watch The Cat’s Face. HILARIOUS.

You see the kind of s*** I have to deal with…

Cats like to watch squirrels, I know mine sure does. She is specially excited when we leave a few hazelnuts on the porch, and then the squirrels come to grab a quick bite. However, if I let the kitty out… Hm, she’d try her best to grab a bite of those furry babies.

However, the kitty in the video has obviously lost her killer instinct. The way she lets the squirrel groom her indicates those two know each other pretty well, but we cannot say the cat is enjoying the grooming session all that much. On the contrary! But kudos to the fur ball for being so tolerant! 🙂

Squirrel Starts Annoying This Grumpy Cat