Super Polite Cat Knocks On The Door To Let Owners Know She’s Ready To Come Inside

Cultured and adorable, I’m in love.

What is left to do when your humans can’t hear your meows, and you’ve been outside for too long and really want to find a warm place to nap, or eat some tuna? This lovely Siamese knows the answer. Use your paws and knock on the door. It’s that simple.

It really amazes me over and over again what our animal friends can learn and do! Just take a look at this furry kitty and her little paw. That’s really an impressive technique. There’s no doubt that the cat is really smart (in addition to being drop dead gorgeous). Just watch the video, and you’ll see that she really knows what she’s doing, and that it wasn’t just a one time episode. Enjoy 🙂

This Polite Cat Can Knock On The Door