Sweet Kitten Discovers Her Tail And Cuteness Overload Ensues

Isn’t it amazing how kittens become mesmerized by their tails, having no idea that they are in any way connected to their bodies? Of course, one day they will grow and learn that tails can be useful for so many things that cats do. But, there is no doubt that tails are the IT toy of kittenhood.

This sweet kitten in the video just discovered her tail and can’t stop playing with it. The only problem is – she is simply too cute for us humans to handle.

Watch this adorable cutie figuring out where that fluffy snake came from. She will keep you entertained for a whole 3 minutes.

Wow, I have to admit, I’m smiling ear to ear.

Here at pawstories, we know too well that kittens have a thing for tails. So, here is another cutie chasing that silly wiggly toy. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Thank you.