This Sweet Kitty Has Been Adopted And Returned To The Shelter Twice For This Sad Reason

This is a story about Sadie the shelter cat, who unfortunately got a little too familiar with abandonment.

Finding a forever home is what all shelter animals desire, but this dream doesn’t always come true. Or, in Sadie’s case, it kind of does, just briefly. She was adopted twice. People said the kitty was too shy.

“[Sadie] has more of an independent personality, which isn’t too uncommon for a cat,” says Christina Hill, direction of marketing and communications for the Atlanta Humane Society. “But she will need someone who is willing to give her the space she wants when she asks for it.”

Now it’s been more than 18 months since her last adoption, and no one has even showed interest in this tortie beauty.

“Our team loves her,” Hill said. “She’s patiently waiting for someone to be patient with her and provide her a loving home.”

Here is a video that shows her wonderful personality. It is really hard to understand how could anyone give her up.